Cooking school

Fortunate to have met Ivana and her extraordinary knowledge and experience, curiosity, and links with the local culture and history. The desire to experiment, learn and develop the culinary tradition of our territory. The drive to get to know other realities and tastes away from us.
All this in a cozy barn has given rise to our small cooking school.

Equipment within the reach of all help us in preparing the dishes that we offer from time to time in our meetings. At the end of the lesson you can taste the result of your work and are given handouts that summarize the processing steps.

Here are some events and topics offered:

The kitchen for singles: recipes fast and easy
Valentine: two hearts in the kitchen. Dinner full of seductions and surprises
Carnival cakes
The thousand folds of the pastry sheet. Sweet and savory pastry
The garden in winter. Cauliflower, cabbage broccoli, artichokes, fennel radicchio
Small chefs: milky white. Some recipes with milk
How to welcome a cook: Basic Course
Legumes and cereals: soups, pasta dishes, salads, main dishes
Christmas cakes
Sweet chocolate
Vanilla and cinnamon
Mousse pâté and terrines
New Year's Eve Buffet
Christmas lunch
Almonds and pistachios
Fruit. Sweet and savory dishes
The gourmet chicken
Baked great firsts
Baked cakes
Simple fish
Cooking with onions
Tea and coffee
Roasts cooked to perfection ...
Healthy menu for children

cooking school in Parma and Fidenza

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