Tasting evenings

Monica's passion for wine led us to meet many producers. There are those who remained in our hearts because they convey the love for the earth, the passion for the vineyard, those who live it every day of their lives. We like the hands rough and marked by the work. We hit the bright eyes when they speak of the best years of vintage and with complacency say ... good!

Because the big producer has not many definitions and fallacies .. For him, the wine is good or "miserable". And if it's good ... it really is.

These are the persons we are going to propose to our guests, a simple but real people, who do not spear of marketing and sales strategies, but involves us with anecdotes and stories of a life of "Vine and Wine".

With the help of chefs each time we match dishes or preparations that help to understand and enhance the quality of the wines presented. We also like to play and provide combinations sometimes risky: the rest of the wine world is not static but lends itself to fun experimentation and original experiences.

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